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When Ms. Troconis — with prosecutors charging her with hindering the investigation and tampering with evidence. On Thursday, Ms. Troconis, 44, turned herself in on a new charge of evidence tampering in connection with the case, officials said, just one day after the police arrested her boyfriend, Mr. The new charge marked a significant development in the lengthy investigation into Ms. ... Read More
The month-old boys, Jadon and Anias McDonald, were born with a condition called craniopagus, which means they shared a portion of their skull and brain tissue. The surgery to separate the twins required a team of 40 experts, and finished at a. James Goodrich, a pediatric neurosurgeon who led the surgery, told CNN. Conjoined twins are identical twins who are physically connected. Normally, identical twins form when an embryo splits in two shortly after fertilization. ... Read More
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It is commonly used by Bender as a retort to a comment at his expense. The catchphrase is also Bender's first uttered line on the show, in " Space Pilot " to Fry , where he describes his reasoning with that his ass is "shinier than [Fry's]". The other of Bender's common catchphrases is " Me, Bender ". In " War Is the H-Word ", Bender was prevented from saying the 'last word' of the quote because he had a bomb inside him which would explode if he said it. It could not be removed, so the word which would blow up a planet was changed to 'antiquing', one of Bender's least said words. ... Read More